Antiche Sorgenti natural cosmetic line recovers benificial action of thermal elements and, in the meantime, constitutes an advanced cosmetic system for face and body care.
Contains Thermal Water and natural active principles. It is a lightly mineralized water, acidulated, containing several oligoelements, such as : Lithium, Manganese, Boro, Magnesium, Sodium , Potassium, Calcium, Silica, Sulfates, Chlorides, that help skin hydration and have a balancing action on cellular metabolism.
Thermal Water has, also, a refreshing and eutrophic action on sensitive skin, helping nourishing and antiwrinkles treatments on dry and aged skin.
The wealth of Thermal Water oligoelements is the base of Antiche Sorgenti cosmetic line, together with a series of natural active principles.

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